72 hours in Bali (Aug 2011)

thought might be quite apt for me to share my last year dive for mola mola in bali. yep, it’s mola-mola season again next month! to date, i have dived in bali 3 times. all my trips were pretty short, fly on Friday night and back on Monday evening. Some of you might know.. you can’t fly for approximately 18 to 24 hrs after diving depending on the depth of your last dive. Every of my dive trip to bali was with ProDive, Bali. ok.. when i first found them.. was because after extensive price comparison.. they turned out to be the cheapest. but subsequently… i didnt bother to check because this dive operator really knows where to find what you want to see, with local divemasters to guide.

Typical trip to bali starts with a flight into Denpasar on Friday night. Pick up from the airport by ProDive. zz for the night. and the morning dive starts at 8am after breakfast.

The boat we use for all the boat dives..

manta flipping by…

Another view of the manta

The current was really strong at this place.. and you need seasick pills .. coz the water was really choppy. Similar conditions in my last few visits. but the promise is… manta ray sightings.

After the first dive.. we had hot coffee.. and off for the second dive at crystal bay. This time, it was all about catching the sight of Mola! well, like hammerheads… you need to be waiting by the deep blue to see mola. It was cold.. and the sight of a row of like.. 50 divers lining up by the reef holding on to the reef with their lives to fight the current was really interesting. One of the japanese divers .. somehow got so excited while waiting that her fins were everywhere and knocked my regulator out of my mouth. best part was.. she didnt seem to realize at all. I was quite pissed.. but she was lucky.. coz when i was just contemplating on how i should pull her fins off to alert her that there were people behind her.. the mola appeared!

mola mola.. swimming slowly… for us to take pictures and video

close up!

with that.. we ended the second dive for the day. On the next few dives and the day after, we sighted…

Hidding water snake..

Moray eel

anemone shrimp

dancing shrimps!

hairy crab on a night dive

I have slight night blindness.. so night dives are not my favorite..

heheh.. cleaning shrimps in action. i imagine sashimi.

Had 2 days of dives… and only 1 sighting of mola.. well.. a little disappointed.. but Better than Nothing!!

After the 2nd day of dive.. went to Jimbaran for nice seafood with sunset and wine.. one good thing about diving trips is.. as long as there is another day of dive.. you cant drink much.. heh.. healthy!

caught a cab outside the hotel to jimbaran… caught the sunset.. it was really pretty..

sunset at jimbaran

Then proceeded on to Ku De Ta, Bali for drinks..

Nice ambience.. expensive cocktails.. packed with people

After a night of eating and drinking… because we cant fly for another 12 hrs, had a golf game at Nirwana Golf Club, bali.. the golf course was really beautiful. Took pictures.. played lousy golf.. laughed about it.. had a few beers, if you want.. u can slot in a spa and massage session before….. and yep, it’s time to catch a plane back to Singapore.. back to work!!

just a note.. on the first night, had dinner at this nice italian, always fully booked restuarant called Ultimo. Pretty good.. in Seminyak.