Hunt for the Hammerhead Sharks Layang Layang (5 to 10 Feb 2012)

And so… In Feb this year, after a 4 months break from the last dive, I decided to join Waikiki on a dive trip to Layang Layang, Malaysia as it’s supposed to be the hammerhead season. The place is renowned for hammerhead sharks. There is only 1 dive resort on the island, and 1 plane operator. After checking all the prices from different sources, decided to go with Waikiki. They are one of the most expensive operators in Singapore.. But for this one, I believe they are one of the best priced.

Took air Asia to Kota Kinabalu, and had did a overnight stay.. Before waking up at 4 am to take a flight into Layang Layang. Only 1 operator, 1 timing. You have like 5 meals a day.. A big pool and BBQ dinner all at the self-contained resort. Luckily it had wifi!


Yes! This is the plane. A propeller plane. On a quite close to nature landing pad.


The only resort… Avillion.

And so… The hunt for the hammerhead sharks began….

First dive.. Wreck point.. I have no liking for wrecks so the site name really didn’t help..
As expected.. Didn’t see much..nudi, a turtle.. And a huge puffer..

Second dive, Gregonian point… Saw a white tip.. But it was swimming quite quickly.. Didn’t manage to take a pic. The highlight of the dive was….

The leaf fish! Was my first time to see a leaf fish.

The next day.. Woke up expecting to see school of hammerheads..

Third dive.. Shark cave.. We were told this dive.. We would be looking for hammerhead sharks. Well.. When you don’t find one… The dive would be a nice cold swim in the deep blue sea. And turned out to be.

fourth dive.. Another attempt at shark cave.


No sharks.. But there was a big manta ray!

No hammer… Just white tip.


And a blue spotted ray under a rock..


Followed by dive at crack reef…then the point… And wrasse pt.. And shark cave again…
No hammerheads even at the 8th dive. By then.. We have seen like 20 reef sharks. Only 1 last dive remaining…….. We came up with all sort of ideas on how we can ensure maximize our chance of catching sight of hammerheads.. After all.. It was the key reason why everyone was there.

We brought down a mineral bottle… Swam in the blue… Early morning before everyone else… Crushed the bottle in the water… As we heard myth that they are attracted to crushing sound….. And WA..LA… A school of hammerheads appeared right in front of us!!! 12 to 15 of them! I swam so fast towards them… Didn’t even realized I could swim at such speed! Have a video of them.. But this blog doesn’t allow for video upload!!

Other stuff I saw on this trip includes…






For Layang Layang… If you don’t see hammerheads… The dives would really turn out to be mostly .. Cold swims in the deep blue.