Maldives live-on-board MV eagle ray (5 Aug to 11 Aug 2012)

Went on a dive trip to Maldives with Waikiki this national day week! Perfect weather and really nice slow dives. Truly eat dive zz trip. I think I vent zzed this much for a long time!

Arrived on Sunday 1120am and went straight onto a Donny and then transferred to eagle ray. For the rest of the dives, we used the Donny. After we settled down, we went on a check dive near the boat as we were waiting for another group to arrive the same night. The rest of our dives were all at baa atoll.

Maldives is known for the wonderful sun and manta rays… Went to hanifaru bay on the 3rd day… But… No mantas! They actually charge for u to jump off the donny to just see the mantas… We didn’t use the coupons…


We caught sight of a big school of mantas out of hanifaru bay… Jumped off the boat and snorkel led. Too many people.. Every time we approached.. They swam away.. Think there were close to 30 mantas!



Took a pic from the top of the boat instead. Heheh.

On the 4th night of the trip.. We had a BBQ on land near baa atoll. Really interesting experience. Really nice sunset and set up by the crew! All handmade!

20120811-133345.jpg MV eagle ray

20120811-133402.jpg weaved palm tree leaves for seats.


hermit crab basking in sun


Maldives is really full of sea life and beautiful sea, sun and sand… Think I will just leave the pictures to do the talking! Did a night dive this time too!

20120811-133755.jpg jellyfish.. First time seeing..

20120811-133809.jpg swimming moray eel at night dive

20120811-133819.jpg nudi…

20120811-133841.jpg crab at night

20120811-133827.jpg marble ray resting

20120811-133850.jpg 3 morays out from the same hole

20120811-133901.jpg baby moray peeking out

20120811-133914.jpg nurse shark in a cave. 2 of them.

20120811-133932.jpg mantis shrimp

20120811-133951.jpg flat worm at night

20120811-134011.jpg this… I dunno.. Small scorpionfish??

20120811-134901.jpg and.. Feeding eagle ray.

And a crazy guide…. Guess who…