White Manta Trip (25 to 28 July)

Well.. Decided to go on a long weekend trip on the much raved about White Manta since I was not able to take too many days off. This trip, we dived the Indonesian waters- the acasta reef, the acasta wreck.. Garden of eden.. Coral corner and last dive at Igara wreck. My gopro flooded on the first dive. Resuscitating. Darn sian.

The white manta as a live on board lived up to its name… I was so impressed with the room cabin size and shower space. None of the previous live on board had better living space!


Food on board was also good except some times… Not really enough to feed all the cold hungry divers. People on board are really nice.. From the crew.. To the divers on board. Made a lot of interesting friends.. From lawyers to navy officers to environmentalist.. Discussing topics ranging from politics to foreign white collars.. To dive sightings.. And bitching about dives..Hahahaha. Aiya.. Well.. No telco connection for the trip.. We focused on human interaction. Not a bad thing at all to some times pay a little attention on people physically around đŸ™‚

Now… To the actual dive verdict………….. Ahem… It might sound like a typical hard to please Singaporean diver….. But I actually thought I saw a lot more in Palau hantu!! All our foreign friends seemed quite happy after every of their dives though.. The dive master was really nice, but swam too fast for my comfort… Had a hard time trying to catch up. I attempted to at least.. For a good 15 min… And only to realize I wasn’t diving.. I was swimming and totally not noticing what was around at all! I wondered how the rest of the grp was just following him so closely. Since we were always left behind.. I actually finally gotta use my smb! Haha

Some pictures taken during the dives:

For some strange reasons… There are a lot of nice big clams in the area around acasta.

Orange lined nudi.. Saw 2 of them..


On our way in a dingy to the dive site.

Haha I love this pic.. Heheh. Putting up the smb at safety stop.

To be fair.. Although I am not a fan of wreck.. The Igara wreck was really nice. A pity we couldn’t take any pic coz of strong currents. So had to leave the camera behind.
The garden of eden coral formation was also beautiful. Some groups caught sight of turtles and black tip reef sharks. I didn’t. I saw a good school of barracudas! Overall, the trip was ok.. Maybe I was expecting to see much more since we were supposed to be in unchartered waters. And I think.. White manta is quite pricey for such dives.

I need to upload the march anilao and May hantu trip pic soon!

erhem.. I muz learn how to change pic size and layout of this wordpress thingie!!