Ustica diving (22-23 September 2014) – Sicily

Got to learn about Ustica during our dive trip in Taormina. It is supposed to be one of the most spectacular dive site in Sicily. Took a ferry from Palermo early morning 730am and stayed 1 night on the island. There was really nothing to do besides diving .. Really small island with a really small square.Did our dive with Orca diving, dive master Francesco, after reading the good review on tripadvisor.

Most pple in Sicily dive with a semi- dry suit. Anyways.. I dived with my sharkskin and 4th element hoodie. Haha. Water was about 23 to 25 degree. At some point.. It was reallllyyyyy colddddddd!!!!

Well.. Ustica is famous for barracudas. Every poster I saw that mentioned Ustica featured a school of barracuda somewhat. I reckoned it gotta be the must see. Well, Asian divers somehow tend to seem excited at the thought of catching sight of one stray barracuda or 3 swimming along side us. Hahaha. So.. Seeing the poster featuring the barracudas.. I thought.. “ok.. We will be seeing more than 3 barracudas at 1 time”.

IMG_0262.JPG (this is really almost all of Ustica above water)

P9220715.JPG (these are the sites underwater)

anyway.. Once we arrived, we r brought to the quay side where all the dive boats are stopped along side to gear up. And yes… Need to gear up on our own…. The first dive site was Punta dell arpa. It took really quite some time before we were finally on our way to the site.

Guess what we saw…… I have never seen such big school of barracudas in all my last 100 dives. And they were swimming so slowly and you really can sit in the center of their swirl and look at them up close… They were so synchronized in their movements…. Look at this!!





It was really amazing! You could really just sit and watch them for the whole dive. It was just so interesting and beautiful.

After diving in santorini.. I had the impression that there was really not much life in “Ang moh” waters….. This trip to Ustica completely changed my view. I have never seen so many fishes and shrimps in Asian dive sites and sights.. It was practically raining fishes everywhere…. Check this out…




Groupers everywhere…



Grotto Toto… Cave dives… Nice and slow…





Final dive at medico site… There was a love story linked to this site.. Typical Italian love story.. Hahahaha… Ill fated Ustica lovers… And to end off the last dive… We caught sight of another big school of medium size barracudas!!



7 dives in 2 days… If you are in Sicily… U need and must find time to dive Ustica!!

Till the next dive….


I thk the water was so cold that my torch went crazy.. Haha. So…. If u r diving in sept.. 7mm wet suit pls…

I dunno how to upload the videos…. So sad…

you need to see this.. Click here to Chk it out!