My split fins…

I love my atomic split fins. Well… I’ve been using it since.. 2 yrs ago and the color of my pair of fins matches my dive watch… My goggles (mask).. My wetsuit.. Heheh. The reason why I finally decided that I should blog about it is coz.. Despite my love for my fins.. I can’t help noticing that I’m always the only pair of split in every dive trip. And ..seriously.. It does look a bit amateurish among the jet fins. And I’ve overheard so many experienced divers advising or warning new divers about how split fins doesn’t work in strong currents and ve no “power”.


Anyhow.. So I decided to try out my dive buddy pair of manta ray fins for one of the dives at Nha Trang.


The manta ray fins are much heavier than my split fins… The minute I went down on my dive.. I kinda regretted. I had to use a lot more strength to move my legs!! As for speed and maneuvering.. I thk it’s probably comparable. Well.. I wore it to chase hammerhead sharks and was able to go as fast as my buddy manta. The pair of fins was with me fighting current at manta point Bali too. So far has been serving me well. The best part of my red fins is….. It’s so distinctive and obvious even in low visibility condition that it’s hard for my dive buddy to miss me!! Heheh.

Guess there is no one pair of fins that is totally good or bad. It really depends on your own finning style. I tend to kick small.. But I can kick quick. Maybe that’s what makes the split fins work better for me. A heavy pair like the jet and manta probably just mean I ve to work harder kicking to achieve that propulsion.

I guess I’m going to stick to my pair of fins for some time to come!

(How can u not be able to tell who’s that without even looking at the face)

Till next time!