Dewali Nha Trang , Vietnam Dive

So… Really thought hard where to go upon the last minute realization of Dewali holidays in the mid week. Bought tickets and headed for Ho Chi Minh and transit.. To Nha trang. Heheh. I was really surprised the place is really so near yet so far. Without the transit.. It will just be a less than 3 hrs getaway.

Anyway, we had 5 dives with Ocean5.. Visibility was not good.. Probably due to the near monsoon season. The only dives even worth remembering was the first and fifth dive. In the first dive, we saw octopus.. And nice cool fishes in a passage way. It was pretty nice! On the second and third and fourth dives.. Aiyo.. I really really almost dozed off diving. Then we decided.. We will just do 1 last dive on our fifth dive and that’s it! Imagine.. We caught sight of a nice school of barracudas,, small ones.. And quite a lot of them… And…… A pity.. Visibility was so bad that even when I was like 0.5m away… It was pretty hard to see them clearly. There were a lot of nice shells in the water though.. Found a huge smooth one but.. There was a slug in it. Brought this one up instead.. Heh..

(Think can be made into a ring or key chain or pendant! Never picked up anything underwater on my previous dives)

Anyway.. Since the rest are doing their 6th dive, I had a chat with the instructor Phil to understand if it’s worth coming back during the “good” season. He said except probably better visibility.. He didn’t think Vietnam is known for great diving. Told me about Boracay and the nice wreck with interesting nudi varieties that he thought was perfect for macro lovers.

As if it’s not sian enough… While we were having our lunch boxes… and parked alongside another dive boat,,,, we saw that they actually were served cooked lunch!!! 😦 haha.. Divers r hungry people… :p no good viz.. Good food would ve been a consolation.

Nevertheless… Our dive guide.. Tung really tried hard to find things for us to see during the dives… And there were plenty of fruits and water onboard. Tung really checked our equipMents and made sure all our dives checked. Overall, it was a nice relaxing getaway diving trip.

And.. Of coz… Vietnam is just picturesque esp by the bays… It was calm and relaxing…








And… We did a food street tour of Nha trang too. Brief one.. And we learnt quite a bit abt their food… From dog meat (no wonder no stray dogs and cats on the street….. )To duck embryo..


In case you are wondering why no dive pic… The photographer’s camera drowned in the first dive… So sad right.

Tiger airways fly direct to boracay!! Next weekend trip maybe?