Raja Ampat – 2 to 12 Sep 2016

Visited Raja Ampat taking advantage of the Hari Raya Tuesday. Really quite tiring to get there… flying into Jakarta and transiting to Sorong. It was like early morning 6am when we arrived in Sorong. Too early for boat to Raja Ampat on a Saturday as the first boat was at 2pm. Super tired, decided to check into the hotel for a hot shower and nap!! (*old already.. really..)  The boat ride to Raja Ampat took about 2 hours….. quite stuffy on a Bahari Express boat.

Picked up by Dana, the resort manager the min we got off the boat. Went to pick up the park ticket.. 1 million IDR! but it’s valid for a year…… hmm……… on the way in the car to Raja Ampat Marley dive resort, Dana tried to give us an introduction of Sorong… which was.. almost all jungle. hah. but there are plans for an airport……. and a huge luxury Chinese owned resort coming up.

When we arrived at the resort… erhmm…. it’s really hidden in a jungle. Lotsa mosquito!! Must remember to bring mosquito repellent next time. A day or two before the trip, we decided to just check if there is hot water for shower at the resort…. only to find out that.. Nope.. no hot water. zzz.. haha.. Oh well, the idea of no hot shower was.. erhmm.. quite disturbing. Anyway, what to do.

                         Ramon, the resident dog. Super cute. Sunset @ Raja ampat from the jetty at the resort, and the resort.

After we settled down etc… Doa and Dana informed us that they have done up a temporary host to channel hot water through the shower for us!!! Wow… we were like super delighted. It’s the only room in the resort with hot water. haha.. after each day’s dives, the crew actually heat up hot water using the generator… and then pour it into the water pipe so that it comes through the shower head in the room! Super touched. =D I must say.. it’s really not possible to complain about the extent Doa and Dana tried to ensure that we were super comfortable.

Diving in Raja ampat was really beautiful… the reef was super colorful. Seldom get to see such color in most dive sites anymore. There are quite a bit of current at some of the sites.. My favourite sites were Blue Magic and Kape Kir (but need to do morning dives.. coz once you are a  bit late.. the dive site would be quite different) ….. it’s really amazing.. u just descend.. and u will be greeted by a big school of jacks…. never ending school…. and then black tip, white tip sharks swimming around.. wobbegone after wobbegone…… at Mike’s point.. we finally saw the Pikachu nudi!!!! It was like our last 2nd dive of the trip.

Saw many different types of seahorses this trip too! some are raja ampat exclusives! =) the only thing we didnt see this trip was manta rays.. other than that… haha.. even saw blue ring octopus!

Video Video by my erhmm.. yes new gopro… https://youtu.be/TOnH2sjEbrE


Photos courtesy of Joey tan