Ski & Dive – 10 things

I decided to extend this to cover ski sites too. After skiing for 8 days in Canada, I noticed skiing and diving really share a lot of similarities.

  1. The gears are expensive – the BCD, the regulator for diving – ski boots and skis for skiing. For wetsuit, it’s also like ski wear – you can get cheap ones, but most of us wanna look good doing the 2 activities.
  2. Crazy skiiers and divers look for new places to ski and dive. Skiiers wow at mountains and valley views from the top, while divers wow at coral formation.
  3. Both cost of diving and skiing are .. erhmm.. not cheap – it cost about US$30 to 50 for each dive.. Ski passes range from US$100 to US$250 for each day.
  4. It is a whole day event. Both ends at around 4pm and night option available.
  5. You just want a fulfilling meal at the end of the activity day.
  6. By right, when you ski, you don’t drink. When you dive, STRICTLY no drinks in between.
  7. Coordinated gear color – from watch to wetsuit seam to the fins… from helmet to ski pants to ski googles.
  8. The most taxing part of the activities is when you are getting ready – putting on the ski boots, pulling on the wet suit (esp on the 2nd dive!!) .. carry the skis.. carrying the tank.. but once the activities start, you forget about the preparation.
  9. Divers and skiiers… just can’t seem to stop needing another additional purchase or upgrade to their existing. There always seems to be a valid reason.
  10. Snow storms are not exactly a good weather to be caught in.. likewise strong current. BUT we always wish for at least good snow, some current.. just enough.

Opps.. actually .. one more ….

11. You need to cover as much as possible…. head to fingers to toes… one is to beat the wind and the other to prevent bites!!

The most major difference is probably that you don’t have to stop skiing for a day before getting on the plane.

At the end of a ski.. like a dive trip…. Wonderful pictures…….


I shall cover my latest ski experience in Canada when I decide to write the next post! Stay tuned.