10 days of spiritual cleansing – Bhutan

We started the planning to Bhutan with the intent to cover Tibet.. but somehow the process of getting visa for Tibet is so complicated that we eventually settled for a 10 days in Bhutan. 

How did we decide on travelling Bhutan? Eh.. something likely different from the other places I’ve been Travelling to. And…. u don’t really need to plan anything. The agency we used took care of everything from air tickets to visa to currency exchange to meals.. hahaha we just need to ask. 

On arrival, our guide yezer from Deki travel services met us at the airport. We were greeted with this white cloth thingies.. white is supposed to signify purity. The itinerary of the trip was quite standard.. haha thk every tour group go through the same itinerary. But the good thing is.. because tours can be quite customised, we were not like Super overloaded with monastery. We had a fair share of walking to khamsu yoelle namgytel choten.. through the valley of bumthang which was really nice. Weather was good too. 

We also brought some stationery and toy bricks to give away to children in bumthang. 

We had a flight delay in bumthang! Annoying.. but we made a new Friend.. went to red panda brewery (the beer was really good!). The agency boss was also really prompt… tried to Ensure we got all we wanted.. from our attempt to take a car back to paro.. to then ensuring we were put up in a nice hotel for 1 night… and constantly checking on us. At that time, our biggest disappointment was that we had a day of activities planned in paro.. from Ara making to momo making and even horse riding.

When we finally got to fly out the following day to paro.. oh wellz.. we still have fun. Visited tiger nest. Did our leg soak… Ara… wore the Bhutan traditional dress… haha.. we did everything! We even had steamboat vegetarian and a packet of red rice as a farewell gift.

DJI view of Bhutan!
Overall.. it was a really nice trip. Nice people. Nice place. Will we be back again?