Leafy sea dragons in Adelaide

Before posting the Komodo trips while waiting for my dive buddy’s pictures.. I thought I will share some amazing video I took at Adelaide, Bluff Harbour!

Was in Adelaide for wines.. Barossa… Adelaide hills.. kangaroo island…. beef… nice vegs…. and of coz.. can’t miss the leafy sea dragons (or sea horse) native to south Australia!!

Went diving with The dive shack.. Rosie and Clive were fantastic. But diving in Australia really expensive!! $225 aud for 1 dive….. we tried to go rapid Bay first but visibility was just bad. So ended up with just 1 dive although plan was to have 2. Anyway.. it was like Super cold.. 13 degree under water!! Luckily all dive equipment provided.

7mm wetsuit and I had my fourth element thermal on.. Super fat.. #firsttimein7mm. #steeltankoverweightedwith6weights. And I still felt cold.

Luckily……. we did see the leafy sea horses!! 11 of them to be exact. Caught sight of some sea lions too.. but eh.. then I suddenly remembered.. for sea lions.. means….. got shark!!! And in Australian waters……

Anyways.. haha dive over.. fantasy sighting of sea dragons.. we r happy. Check out the leafies!