Komodo Diving (24 Apr to 29 Apr 2017)

This Long weekend .. decided to go Komodo for diving. Flew into Jakarta, then transit to Labuan Bajo on Garuda airlines. The connection times were pretty ok, except that the flight was really early in the morning at 715am out of Singapore. Michael did a transit straight from Tokyo. Ha.

We arrived in Komodo la Prima hotel at around 3pm in the afternoon… the hotel picked us at the airport. The room was really nice. and Guess wat… after a Long day Travelling…. we decided to have a little break before dragging our dive gear to the shop downtown. A short little break turned out to be a whole.. ok.. almost a whole bottle of whisky. Zzz…..

Anyhow, we still managed to make our way down to Blue Marlin dive around 6pm. Unpacked our dive gear into baskets and headed for dinner.

The dive itinerary: 4 full days of 3 dive per day on speed boat! On 2 out of the 4 days we had the boat all to ourselves!

Our day 1 dive- strong Komodo currents. Saw eagle rays during the dives. Cauldron dive was fun.. with a shotgun pushing u all the way.

Day 2 dives were the most memorable. We dived Kilrang Makassar. The manta rays… amazing. Never been so closed.. with so many… at the same time at such great visibility! Hah it was so nice that we had to repeat this dive on our last day. 😀

Day 3- wells.. the 2 of them wanted to hunt for macro.. haha.. kinda wrong choice. Out of the 3 dives, we only enjoyed the 2nd dive at sabai.. the sandy bottom meant flamboyant cuttlefish .. dragon net.. rhinofias.. seahorse…ornet ghost pipe… haha.. yeah.. amazing muck dive. Batu bolong was nice.. really nice pinnacle reef dive.. full of life.

Day 4- we did 2 mucks.. one at wainilu and one at Tengah. Wainilu was great.. pikachu nudi!! Lobsters.. and quite a few nudis and shrimps. Ended our dives with a repeat of Makassar.. quite a few mantas.. but not as much luck as the first time! Oh.. this time we were instead Super Super close to a feeding eagle ray!

Our dive guides from blue marlin were really nice.. made a lot of effort to Ensure we get to see what we want.. and more.. haha we had Eco, benny and Stephen.

Just before we leave for our flight home on the last day.. we of coz.. gotta get a glimpse of the Komodo dragons!!

Komodo must see! must see!