Vesak day Hangzhou Getaway (17 to 21 May)

Long weekend in Singapore, decided to visit Hangzhou. As usual.. searched online and .. economical yet interesting destination. Oh.. it’s weird but somehow purchasing Scoot air tickets on cost less than on scoot as there is no payment fees via cards on ctrip!Arrived in Hangzhou quite late at night.. and was greeted by our 民屬 owner. Really nice place, and because we commented we were hungry, he cooked us jiao Zi! And we had a chat with some folks at the dining area. Really cool kitchen. The owner 老蔡 actually lives in that place. It’s basically his home with 8 rooms.For this trip… We walked darn a lot!! Think about 30km! Walked through the long Jing tea fields… And the whole of 苏提. Then to 雷峰塔 (white snake was trapped in there by fahai)。。六堡和。。灵隐寺 (济公)。。哎哟。 But the place is really beautiful around 西湖。 Managed to fly the drone too.Of coz beside sights and sound .. we tasted the famous but overpriced long Jing tea…many locals told us not to buy as the season for purchase is already over. But how can we don’t buy long Jing when in Hangzhou rite! So well.. we had to buy a little regardless! It’s a tourist thingie!
Long Jing area … Plantations.. lotsa mosquitos … Zzz their sales tactic really very amazing. As we walked.. some old lady would pretend to tag long… And then start chatting with us innocently and eventually bring us to the house to taste tea…saying no obligation etc. But of coz, if you decide not to buy eventually… They will still look a bit upset as they would have wasted like an hr or so with you. We only noticed the “fake” chats only after being approached the same way subsequently by a few of them!The other major way they sell their speciality- tea and silk.. is through their taxi drivers. It’s super powerful… Every taxi you hopped on.. will tell u about tea or silk depending on how the conversation starts…. Same stories of how the weekend was a weekend of silk festival and they were waiting around for their wife as it was a 3 yrs once opportunity to buy discounted silk plus a free blanket subsidised by the government. And if u show no interest in any of their stories… Within 3 min.. u would sudden hear beeping sound from the taxi and the driver would tell you his taxi suddenly ran out of battery or petrol and they need to drop you off to go recharge or pump but you don’t have to pay for the fare. Zzz we got dropped like 3 to 4 times!! And everytime they dropped you it would be near some shop or tea plantation. Their main biz really was not the taxi fare but the biz they generate from “selling”! In China, you learn something everytime! They are just so creative.Of coz, other than the sights and sounds … We couldn’t miss the delicate Hangzhou cuisine!we had our first meal at 紫薇厅 as it was the G20 summit dinner place. But food was so so …and quite pricey! The live plum prawns was interesting though. It was really jumping around in the bowl when served.And for 3 dinners.. haha we just kept having 小龙虾。。it’s in season!! Look at these! Some of the best we ever had.TThe 13 spices flavour was something new and really tasty.The best lunch place was at 解湘楼。。really exquisite and delicious…OOh well, coming to 杭州wouldn’t be complete without watching the musical fountain!Quite short performance for a long wait though.

Till the next post.