Pulau Semakau (Singapore)

Dive 305, 306, 307. 1052am/ 12:53pm/ 3:17pm. 46min /49 min /46 min.7.3m/12.5m/10.1m. started from raffles marina at 915am.

Wellz, been some time since last dive due to covid. Finally decided to dive in our own backyard! Yeah.. Pulau Semakau. Viz was fantastic! 3m! I could actually see my buddy underwater 🙂

Went diving with Michael and Ling after a long time. Had fun catching up and trying to find each other under water. Ha..

Dived in 3 different spots around the island.. spotted some interesting nudi.. west had the best Viz for our last dive.

Actually struggled with bouyancy for the first 2 dives! Haha.. after so long. Used my sharkskin and 3kg to be totally stable.

Good Saturday. #divelab #divinginsingapore

Video on what we saw!

End of dive day pic.. safety first..mask up!