New toy! IT’S A DRONE.

Going to test it out tomm! Birthday comes early.

Ski & Dive – 10 things

I decided to extend this to cover ski sites too. After skiing for 8 days in Canada, I noticed skiing and diving really share a lot of similarities. The gears are expensive –… Continue reading

Raja Ampat – 2 to 12 Sep 2016

Visited Raja Ampat taking advantage of the Hari Raya Tuesday. Really quite tiring to get there… flying into Jakarta and transiting to Sorong. It was like early morning 6am when we arrived in… Continue reading

WOhoo… new wetsuit!!

heheh.. taking advantage of the low pound exchange… my Xenos 4th element wetsuit! Can’t wait to try it out in Raja Ampat! Wait to see what’s up vs sharkskin!

Gili Trawangan – 1 to 7 July 2016

It was the Hari Raya holidays! Flew into Lombok… it was easy, a direct flight straight from Singapore on Silkair. Stayed at Trawangan Dive – the people there are really helpful! We almost… Continue reading

thresher shark hunt! (1 to 6 apr)

Went to malapausca on quest to hunt for thresher sharks with evolution dive. This time.. There were 6 of us! When we arrived.. We are so excited to hear that they ve sighted… Continue reading

ready, get set… Go!!!

How many dive trips ve you already planned??

Suiting up

A few years back, when I started diving again, i usually dived in a rash guard and a pair of bermudas in the nearby waters. As time passes, I realized I am wearing… Continue reading

Dewali Nha Trang , Vietnam Dive

So… Really thought hard where to go upon the last minute realization of Dewali holidays in the mid week. Bought tickets and headed for Ho Chi Minh and transit.. To Nha trang. Heheh.… Continue reading

My split fins…

I love my atomic split fins. Well… I’ve been using it since.. 2 yrs ago and the color of my pair of fins matches my dive watch… My goggles (mask).. My wetsuit.. Heheh.… Continue reading